European regulators have historically been more progressive in regulation of dangerous drugs and products, and last week France made another move in the right direction.  In 2017 President Emmanuel Macron pledged to phase out glyphosate in three years.  And, indeed, recent estimates from the French government state that 80% of Roundup use will be cut by 2021.

On January 11, the country banned sales of glyphosate-containing products to home or amateur gardeners.  And, last week, a French Court revoked the sales license for Roundup Pro 360, citing IARC’s classification of the product as a probably human carcinogen.

Here in America, of course, the product not only remains on the market, in colorful aisle displays at the Home Depot, Lowes, and other stores, but the products’ packaging and labelling still contains no mention of the cancer risk whatsoever.  America has some catching up to do.


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