This first word is not mine; it is used internally at Monsanto to describe paying scientists to put their names on work written by the company.  It was revealed at trial that numerous publications were created this way.

So, too, should you be aware of the pseudoscience blogs out there that claim to be unaffiliated with  Monsanto.  Off the top of my head, they include:

Genetic Literacy Project

Science 2.0

American Council on Science and Health


All are backed by industry; notice all their posts seem to conclude that every chemical is safe.  They are 501c3 organizations so they don’t have to disclose their funding, but the editor of at least one of them has made a false statement when he said none of its funding came from Monsanto.  The trick is to move the money through several organizations.  Be wary of these websites that seem to always side with industry; follow the money.

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