News agencies are beginning to spreas awareness that is vital to human health globally; most of us are eating Roundup every day. I have a;ways felt even the strongest studies showing that it causes cancer are undercalculating the risk; they are comparing applicators to groups of people that eat a steady diet of Roundup.


Here is something even I did not realize until late in trial; I knew Roundup was a crop desiccant or finisher, used to ready crops for harvest, but I did not understand how because it is sprayed on Roundup-ready (resistant} crops. In fact, it is used to kill non Roundup-ready crops just like it kills weeds; it is very effective at killing things not genetically modified for immunity.  So, most of our oats and wheat arrive at the table with a fresh coating of Roundup. Most cereals tested contained the poison; that means that especially children (and this author) are affected. Read more here:

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