Trial team, plaintiff Lee Johnson and Timothy in middle in red tie

Many firms claim to specialize in mass torts.  But only a handful of them are truly willing and able to take them to trial.  Timothy Litzenburg worked for seven years at a firm known for its aggressive strategies of taking as many cases to trial as possible.  In a prior litigation involving a diabetes drug that causes bladder cancer, Mr. Litzenburg and the managing partner at his prior firm went to trial six times in five states in two years, winning five of the six juries.  Other firms in the country, collectively, had three trials, only one of which was successful.


Following that intensive learning on the job, Timothy went to trial this summer with two other friends and colleagues also in their thirties; the new generation of true mass tort trial attorneys.  You may speak with a number of firms that claim to handle these cases, but Timothy and perhaps four other law firms are the only ones that are willing and able to take these to trial and win.  Email me personally at or call me directly at 804-929-8170 to see if I can help you.

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